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Dear Friends of The French Cellar,

We are announcing the close of our business and the end of our website, as of July 1, 2016.

Thank you all for your years of loyal support and camaraderie, but we are now committed to enjoying a life of travel, food and wine (and tequila) from our homes in Careyes, Mexico and Paris, France.

Without you, we would have never reached 20 successful years in the French wine business, or had the pleasure of your company and friendship. You all helped to make “Retail” a palatable word.  Merci!

It was a pleasure exploring with you, our in-house “Tour de France”, and sharing the excitement of new, unique wines and their subsequent vintages throughout the years.  We all learned together during this journey, but most importantly, we learned that wine is a very subjective creature, and what counts the most, is what YOU think of the taste, and what grapes and styles appeal to YOU.

So if you remember anything from your time spent with us, remember those words when facing down a snotty sommelier in a trendy bistro.  And don’t forget that a “corked” wine has the aroma of wet cardboard.  It is the nose AND the taste that count.  Never be afraid to send a bottle back. 10% of all wine produced and shipped, is “corked”.

Having said those memorable and important words, Sallie and I wish you a life well-lived, and enjoyed to the max.  And to always think of us, with a glass of good French wine or Champagne in your hand.

À vôtre santé!


Wines by the Case
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